About Us

We started at the beginning of Covid-19 depression. What a time to start a business right? But we were aware of how that moment would change how people bought things on the internet. So we decided to move forward. 

We are two guys who one day made the decision to make comfortable apparel for the masses. No one design, no niche, because who wants to pigeon hole people?

People want comfortable smart stylish clothing that fits their imagination, creativity, and personality. That is what we think we have. 


Marvin Ashe

President of the company and founding member of First Pass Apparel. A Native of the Mountains of NC and Proud Tribal Member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. From the time he started drawing at an early age and having his art published this is just the next step in his evolution. Always an entrepreneur at heart Marvin loves putting art on Apparel. A  Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather he loves his family and time with his wife.


Brian Bartlett

 Vice President and founding member of First Pass Apparel who is from the North Georgia area. A distinguished Gentleman and retired Naval Commander who served our great Nation for 20 years. A resilient Naval Aviator and former Top Gun Trainer. He lead the largest Naval Squadron in the Navy and is a natural leader. A devoted Husband and Father he loves his family and wants only the best for them.


Together they founded First Pass Apparel LLC with one thing in mind, make great comfortable clothing for the masses. We support all branches of Military with military approved clothing. We vow to only print quality apparel with your comfort in mind.