What is TRUE DTG / Direct To Garment Printing

DTG or Direct To Garment Printing is NOT Screen Printing. Which more or less is paint on a shirt. DTG is a process using water based ink that is fused into the fabric of the garment.  We use a special Curing (Drying) technique to print on fabrics. DTG Prints will last the lifetime of the garment without fading or flaking off the garment unlike how Screen Printing does! The fusing of the Ink into the garment will keep it vibrant and looking brand new for as long as you have the apparel. Its also durable and you wont be able to even feel it unlike the sandpaper texture of Screen Print. 

Here at First Pass Apparel, we only use the Industries Highest Award Winning Printer to make our Awesome Apparel! 

 We are able to print on any fabric such as:

Cotton, Polyester, Denim, Twill, Lenin and 

 Tri-Blended with Moisture wicking and alot more.

Other types of DTG printers can only print mainly on cotton.

This makes First Pass Apparel stand head and shoulders above our competition when it comes to Quality along with outstanding customer service!